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Electronic Management
of Documents

Document management with a focus on productivity. Integration with planning, enabling automation of physical advance and customization of flows to digitize contractual control.

Through the configurable workflow, it is possible to automate the management, so much of the production, how much contractual. It quantifies team productivity, provides delivery controls, in addition to providing a basis for analysis of scenarios and projections in Business Intelligence systems (WITH A) .

In addition to a repository, a solution to add value to data within the premises of digital transformation.

The goal is to automate document management in project coordination processes, works management and asset management, leaving technicians focused on technical activities, gaining more productivity. Automating bureaucratic and repetitive activities involves compliance checks and notifications and information compilations for reports. This digitization and its consequent gain in efficiency and productivity are fundamental in the current engineering scenario, in which the sale of hours/man is no longer the rule.

What the GED does for your project

Centralization of all communication and information in one place;

CAD and BIM viewer compatible with traditional coordination flow and BIM;

Customizable workflow: automation of production management and contracts;

Custom reports and graphs, automating contractual and quality controls;

Automation of compliance validations;

Mobile app with OCR and QRCode for hard copy control​;

Bidirectional integration with planning and scheduling;

Activity registration and auditing through blockchain technology.

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