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An IT company with engineering DNA

Our goal is to support our customers in their digital transformation, using innovative solutions to obtain a competitive edge, engineering with more quality, productivity and lower cost. The technologies associated with the knowledge ?of the Construtivo team will allow the implementation of BIM ?in your company in an effective and differentiated way.

Innovating and simplifying is being constructive

That's why we work under the four constructive principles:

profitable business

Lasting Relationships


Competitive Differential

Our vision

Be a reference in technology application for the engineering market, focused on results, fostering true digital transformation for our customers.

We are pioneers in the cloud concept

We were born in the world of cloud computing with all its solutions marketed under the concept of software as a service (SaaS). From 1999 as a joint venture of the Santander Group, We went through an MBO process (Management Buy-Out) in 2004 and we became a national company.

Headquartered in São Paulo and branch in Porto Alegre, with Construtivo we provide engineering management solutions for the infrastructure market, energy, real estate and retail. We serve more than 80.000 users with full redundancy network and international security standards, working on the largest infrastructure projects in the country.

Support customers in their digital transformation journeys

Construtivo aims to understand and apply its products and services within the five domains of transformation:






Integration for BIM

Although we are a technology company, at Construtivo we know engineering and understand your product. It is formed by engineers, architects and technicians, factor that facilitates communication, shortens deadlines and increases quality. Key point in BIM deployments.

Our goal is to meet the customer's needs, Implementing BIM means managing processes, documents and information in a collaborative and integrated way.

We don't have a software flag for the client to fit, we look for which one best fits it.


We provide software-as-a-service solutions (SaaS). This means paying only for what you use.. There is no fixed cost and no commitment to loyalty, that is, the risk and overhead are minimal.. The commitment is always to seek the best and for the best cost. The association of engineering knowledge with the use of a platform, instead of traditional development, That's why we work under the four constructive principles, That's why we work under the four constructive principles.

Construtivo is a Diamond member of BIM Fórum Brasil

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