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serving various sectors of the construction industry

The use of the BIM methodology in the development and production of any project will be more successful if there is strategic planning prior to the beginning of the project and constant monitoring throughout the process.. Several pieces of information need to be gathered., organized and, principally, agreed between the various members of the contracted teams. In this context, BIM Manager becomes an indispensable profile for being a professional dedicated to planning and monitoring the rules for creating and exchanging data throughout the project. Among its attributions are the identification of project objectives and, consequently, of the most suitable BIM uses; the elaboration of the standards, rules and processes linked to project information flows; the formatting of the PEB, between others.


Construtivo was one of the pioneers in promoting the use of BIM in Brazil, having a highly qualified team to perform the role of BIM Manager. We have several successful cases where we support the use of BIM in civil construction projects.