The Constructive is a company with a vocation for service, use their products to assemble solutions within the very concept of software as a service concept where the customer buys a solution and not software licenses.

Within this context there is recurrent need for some services just in areas where there is a great expertise of the team, so we now offer them directly or in coordination with business partners.

Services are associated with the topic of digital transformation, whether in process consulting for the implementation of BIM in presentation development service projects or in the scanning assets.

3D Laser Scanning

scanning service through laser scanners buildings in order to provide a basis for design or register advance work and / or state of the building. Associated with the service may be the manipulation of point cloud, generating slope maps, and comparisons between clouds or between cloud and BIM model.

Besides distributor Leica Geosystems is part of the Constructive Autodesk Development Network, DNA, thus manages to bring together the knowledge of scanning processes with BIM tools, ensuring quality and safety of service.

Scan Mapotecas

plants scanning service, memorials and other files that make up the Map Collection or technical documents sector company. Associated with the scanning is performed indexing within premises that allow the use and integration of the drawings to the current process of the company.

Scanning Mapoteca demand greater experience than a simple scan job. It is important to note the role in material classification methodology of their quality, the quality process of the image, the logic of indexing and other points that may be critical of the project's success or loss of money and all assets of the company .

BIM consulting

The implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in an enterprise goes beyond the purchase and training software, that is, it goes beyond the design department.

The true value of BIM is to integrate design, work and operation, which means anticipating problems, simulate operations and do not interrupt the flow of information, but enrich continuously the model. This happens with change process, requiring the involvement of the entire company.

The Constructive has an experienced team in processes, technology and engineering to help your company put together a strategy and go for it. We have in the portofolio several cases of successful deployments and are continually seeking international experiences.

Virtual reality

O mercado de engenharia mudou, os projetos e soluções precisam de valor, de engenharia para se diferenciar. Não existe mais “oceano azul”, ninguém mais compra projeto apenas pelo nome. Dentro deste contexto a maneira com que se apresenta o projeto, com que se ilustra uma solução de engenharia passa a ser fundamental sob o ponto de vista comercial, assim o Construtivo em conjunto com a PVID passa a oferecer o serviço de desenvolvimento de apresentação de projetos.

Migrate BIM models for virtual reality, including interactivity, add game concepts, realistic renderings, associate drones and photos 360 pictures in addition to "package" the entire contents within the concept of telling history.

Constructive and JHE develop BIM project for construction of Sabesp

Constructive advice of BIM allowed JHE apply the methodology in two works of pumping stations Sewage Sabesp.


"BIM, when used in project design, produces a qualitative leap in the realization of the projects. We are aware that as a management company, we must prepare to monitor the progress of project preparation of technical processes and execution of works and thereby better meet customer needs. "

Orlando Cassettari, The JHE engineer


digital model of the Road Towards the hopper of Rondonópolis features an innovative experiment in 360 and allows the customer to interact and explore your project from different perspectives


We have as one of our priorities be innovative. Already we are leading the instrumentation market that is related to technology. Now, in projects, we want to be ahead to be even more competitive, ensuring a differential to transform the way of offering our service. "

Renato Gama , CEO of Latin LPC