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HxGN Smart Build

box @ 2x, consequently, improve the delivery of projects on time and within the stipulated budget. It is a fully cloud-hosted 4D/5D solution, eliminating local installation and constant software updates. In this way, information can be used, viewed and updated by different parties in real time.

SMART Build integrates design with planning efficiently and has advanced data refresh capabilities, optimizing the control of changes of the work and, consequently, enterprise risk management, going beyond the planning and/or budgeting phase. The solution is integrated with several reality capture technologies, including the use of point cloud, robotic total stations and mobile apps for execution quality control and schedule compliance.

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box @ 2x, processes and information.


BIM Track is a collaboration platform that optimizes project coordination workflows in BIM.


Cintoo is a platform for point cloud visualization and collaboration. Tracking progress against coordination KPIs with detailed metrics.

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dRofus is a data management platform for BIM, also called common data environment, or CDE, common data environment.


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Cyclone Enterprise

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VRcollab is a Virtual Reality platform that aims to support the review and coordination of BIM projects (Building Information Modeling), allowing synchronous work with discussions within the model by people located remotely.