dRofus is a solution for the planning, data management and collaborative BIM, which provides all interested broad support workflow and access to the creation of information throughout the construction lifecycle.

Unlike any other planning tool on the market, dRofus was developed for proprietários.Capturar customer requirements (EIR), validate design solutions (BIM) in relation to customer requirements, public management standards and equipment planning they are essential features of the software.

The dRofus features integration with ArchiCAD, Revit and IFC, with two-way data synchronization.

each discipline model data is captured, along with planning, data and not geometric documents in a centralized database accessible to all project stakeholders through dRofus desktop and Web dRofus client.

  • Integrating development of functional programs
  • Management families through database
  • Concept of "templates" for process standardization
  • model synchronization with legacy systems and processes