Company adopts the Collaborative for managing corrective and preventive actions in industrial plants.

Constructive supports Voith Industrial Services in Brazil in management services

"The alliance with Constructive tends to evolve, following the demands of Voith. Today, the collaborative care process is being expanded. The perspective is to transfer to the system daily processes that still rely on programs targeting the Constructive proper organization and storage of data, thus leaving the Voith has focused only on their business. "

Joseane Sales, Voith Quality Manager of Industrial Services in Brazil.

Voith Industrial Services has a wide range of technical services in the automotive sector. Thanks to the commitment and the know-how of its employees, the company is one of the international leaders of the industry experts to manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Approximately 16,500 employees work in the company by about 170 domestic and international branches, which constantly seek perfect solutions for customers.