collaboration solution ensures the maintenance and operation of 1300 km of roads between the states of São Paulo and Paraná.

Constructive promotes the Systra Vetec agility in monitoring roads

"The ability to parameterize the tool for different contracts is something we see as an 'intelligence rent'. The Constructive team supports us in these technical demands, while the tool adds value to our business. The result is effective and accurate service, which contributes to the maintenance of logistics and, hence, the development of the country. "

Ettore Bottura, Director of Systra Vetec

The VETEC Engineering is a company of SYSTRA Group. The SYSTRA Group is a consulting and engineering company, a world leader in the design of transport infrastructure.

The SYSTRA follows the development of infrastructure in Brazil since the 60 studies for the modernization of the Brazilian rail network and the first studies on the country's metro networks.