collaboration tool in the cloud performs the management of the processing of information from engineering projects and equipment maintenance.

Towards Collaborative adopts to manage documentation of new works

"The Collaborative, besides providing security in the management of the procedure of information and processes of the companies, guarantees a market differentiator for the agility of the progress of the project by optimizing the exchange of information between the professionals involved in each of our projects."

Arthur Galbis Neto, Project Manager of Rumo

In 2015, the merger between Rumo Logística and America Latina Logistica, born Rumo ALL with 12,900 kilometers of rail tracks, 19 million tons of lifting capacity at the port of Santos, 966 locomotives, 28,000 wagons and 11, 7000 direct and indirect employees. In this initial period of integration, the company has been operating with a focus on expansion of operating capacity, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.