With the support of ConstruBIM, housing construction reduces by 27% the amount of cutting and filling in process using the embankment BIM modeling.

Plaenge innovates using BIM in earthmoving project

"We understand that this is a market trend, so we plan to continue investing in BIM processes, which will increase our competitiveness by adding value to our services and end products."

Romario Manuel Rodrigues, Process manager of Plaenge

With over 45 years of experience in the residential development segment, construction, industrial projects and assemblies, the Plaenge Group is currently the largest real estate construction company in southern Brazil and one of the most traditional of the country engineering groups. In the real estate segment, the Group occupies a prominent position in seven Brazilian cities where it operates, having delivered 304 projects which inhabit 65,000 people. The Plaenge Group operates with Plaenge brands - to the public "premium" and Vanguard Home - focused on young people.