company's cloud collaboration tool is used in the evaluation stages of business projects, collaboration between suppliers documentation, as well as in monitoring the progress of construction of the project.

Constructive supports document management Linhão the work of Belo Monte

"The Collaborative is an indispensable tool for agile handling of technical documents for evaluation as well as for the control of the project construction stages. The Constructive of care and training level are features that differentiate the company in the market. "

Armando Araujo, Technical director of BMTE

When ready, the Transmission line at 800 kVDC and between Xingú narrow or "Linhão" as it is called, will have 2090 km in length and 65 undergo the towns states of Para, Minas Gerais, Goias and Tocantins. Serve to transmit power from the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant, the third largest dam in the world in power generation capacity, only surpassed by Three Gorges (China) and Itaipu (Brazil and Paraguay), with installed capacity of 11,233 megawatts. The transmission line will be the line BMTE higher voltage of Brazil.