When we have some disease and we get a doctor or hospital, always chose the best we can, not the cheapest. This is because we have understanding of the consequence of a bad call or a bad professional. How much more severe the disease, the greater our commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Unfortunately this understanding does not exist when it comes to engineering. When it comes to designs, and works mainly in maintenance, everything is cost. The search will always be driven by lower costs and the quality seems superfluous.

The problem is that poor engineering, poor design, mismanaged and incompetent work execution end up costing more and causing serious consequences. When this setting is associated with poor management, the time bomb is on.

This is what we are seeing happen in Brazil in various circumstances and as a last example, we mention the problem we saw in São Paulo in the last days, that with just an intense rainy night was recorded twelve deaths and many residential and commercial losses.

Não é falta de tecnologia. O BIM (Building Information Modeling) e as diversas tecnologias relacionadas ao tema de cidades inteligentes, associadas com geoprocessamento, tem capacidade de prever e evitar tudo que estamos sofrendo. Não é falta de engenharia. Mesmo fazendo na “mão”, temos profissionais e conhecimento para resolver. E não é falta de dinheiro, pois nada custaria mais caro do que todas as vidas perdidas e transtornos que estamos vivendo, além de todos os prejuízos sofridos em acidentes, enchentes e problemas com nossas infraestruturas.

It is lack of vision, which endorses the need for change in mentality. It is necessary to understand that engineering can not be bought for the price, but the quality. Understand that doing good is not cheap to do, but do it right, and you should not improvise tools and resources, but using the appropriate.

Let's look at the good examples out, how equipped and how many resources have utilities, infrastructure departments and engineering firms. We have a great challenge! Our cities have a chaotic infrastructure and poor management among the various players, but with adjustment in order to face and see the engineering, much can be done and soon.

* Marcus Grenadier is a civil engineer from the Polytechnic School of USP, president of Constructive, a technology company with DNA engineering and a member of Autodesk Development Network and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyours.

Source: Estadão

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