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Georeferencing of works reduces losses

Georeferencing of works reduces losses

Monitoring major works such as buildings, for example, is full of complex tasks that, when they are not well executed, can generate rework and loss of money for builders. These negative effects often arise from failures in the marriage between what was thought in the office and the materialization of the enterprise and can even generate fines. Thinking about bringing more efficiency to the process, ConstruGIS was created, a document management solution that works seamlessly with Google Maps. The platform is the result of the union of the system called Collaborative, created by the company Constructive and the SIG/ GIS, Geographic Information System, provided by the Swedish multinational Hexagon. The new tool becomes a link for activities carried out between construction sites and the office, being especially effective when used in so-called broad or distributed works, like subway lines, power transmission lines and real estate projects, because the understanding of the information in a visual way allows a more agile decision-making about the projects, adjusting the inspection schedule, monitoring and allocation of teams in the field, purchasing planning and delivery of materials, among other facilities.

Internet snooping becomes a crime

The so-called Stalking, the practice of stalking a person on the internet, now it's a crime. The federal senate approved the law 14.132/2021, which was sanctioned this month by President Jair Bolsonaro. The law may not directly protect, but, at least, makes people who plan to invade privacy think twice or make physical and/or psychological threats on the network. The crime of Stalking is verified in the digital medium when the victim is stalked on their social networks with aggressive messages and comments, a practice often performed by criminals who create fake profiles to continue attacks even after they are blocked.

Windows vulnerable

A Kaspersky, internet security company, found a vulnerability of Zero Day calls, those that come from the birth of a certain system without being noticed by its creators. The flaw found allows for the so-called Escalation of Privilege (EoP), which, translating, elevates the access privileges of potential intruders to parts of the system that could allow malicious actions on the attacked machine. Experts have not yet been able to associate whether this vulnerability would be connected to any group specializing in targeted attacks. Microsoft fixed the issue in an update this week.

smart cabinets

It is already common for small businesses or even people who make direct sales to deliver products to Salvador metro stations, in a move explained by the safety of being a public place and, Sure, for the practicality. To make these product deliveries safer and add this service to its stations, the company installed InLocker cabinets in two of them – North Access and Lapa –. The process for using the facility further combines with the moment of pandemic as there is no physical contact as the seller deposits the product in one of the cabinets at the station chosen by the buyer and, right after, sends a QR Code that the buyer will use by pointing the cell phone to release the door, all without even the need for a meeting between those who buy and those who sell.